PM B.V. 精密線性軸承 / 定位平台

PM B.V. 精密線性軸承 / 定位平台                                                                          

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Linear components 線性組件

Linear precision guideways RSD

With over 50 years of experience RSD crossed roller linear guideways are the worldwide standard

in high-tech applications for short to medium travel.

They are used for precise linear motion providing high accuracy and outstanding reliability.

Depending on your application requirements the precision guides can be fitted with either ball

cages or crossed roller cages.

Ball cages are used in light load applications, providing smooth running and low rolling friction.


1.Available in sizes 1.5 - 15 mm

2.For ball and cross-roller cage

3.Maximum rail length (one piece) 1400 mm

4.Rails are through hardened for extended lifetime

5.Precision grinding is used to finish the V-groove

6.Various ball and crossed roller cage designs available


Needle roller linear guideways N/O

Needle roller linear guideways type N/O are suitable to support and guide high loads and moments

very accurately. Due to its closely arranged needle rollers this linear precision guide provides extremely

high rigidity and high linear motion accuracy within a compact design. N/O linear guideways are often

used in the machine tool industry, for example in grinding machines.


1.Available in 6 sizes with max. length (one

   piece) of 1400 mm

2.Suitable for the highest load and precision


3.Available in quality grades Q8, Q4 and Q2

4.Through hardened steel for extended life

5.Offering long-lasting precision


Needle roller linear guideways M/V

The needle roller linear guideways type M/V are suitable to support and guide high loads and moments very

accurately.Due to its closely arranged needle rollers, this linear guide provides extremely high rigidity and

high linear motionaccuracy within a compact design.


1.Suitable for applications in the machine

   tool industry

2.Available in quality grades Q8, Q4 and Q2

3.Available in 6 sizes with max. length (one

   piece) of 1200 mm

4.Offering low rolling friction coefficient

5.Through hardened steel for extended life

6.Offering long-lasting precision


Deep groove cross-roller guideways RSDE

The design of the RSDE precision linear guideway is based on the conventional crossed roller precision

linearguides.Thanks to a deeper ground V-groove as well as the rollers' contact length being longer, the

RSDE guideway offers higherLoad ratings and higher stiffness. Assembly dimensions are similar to those

of the frictionless cross-roller guide RSD type.


1.Available in sizes 3, 4, 6 and 9 mm

2.Cages available in POM material (PEEK

   available on request)

3.Rails are through hardened for extended life

4.Stainless steel version available on request


Cross-roller linear guideways RNG compact

Compact, reliable and suitable for high loads, the RNG cross-roller linear guideways are available in size 4

and 6 mm. RNG is a further evolution of the cross-roller guide RSDE type. Its main advantages include the

significantly higher load ratings and higher stiffness as well as its more compact installation dimensions due

to an optimisation of the internal V-groove design.

1.Available sizes 4 and 6 mm

2.Compact, high-load capacity design

3.Cages available in POM and PEEK material

4.Rails are through hardened for extended life

5.Offers equal load carry capacity in all directions

原廠網址: https://www.pm.nl/en/products/linear/linear-components


Linear guideway sets 直線導軌組

RSD cross-roller linear guideway set

RSD type linear guideways are compact frictionless guides for precise linear motion providing high accuracy,

high stiffness and outstanding reliability. Depending on the load requirements they can be fitted with ball

orroller cages. Benefitting from many years of development, RSD linear precision guides have become the

global standard forhigh- tech applications.

1.Stroke range 10 - 720 mm

2.Suitable for load capacities up to 27300 N

3.Available in quality grades Q8, Q4 and Q2

4.Rails are through hardened for extended


5.One set includes 4 rails, 2 cages and 8 end


6.V-groove is precision finished for high

   accuracy and smooth running

7.Roller cages offer equal load capacity in all



RSDE cross-roller guideway set with anti-cage creep technology

The cross-roller guideway RSDE with anti-cage creep technology (ACC) prevent cage creeping in

highlydynamic or vertical applications. This precision guide offers high load capacity and stiffness in

all directions.ACC is a strong and reliable design solution integrated within the cross-roller guide.


1.Anti-cage creep (ACC) technology


2.Suitable for load capacities

   up to 84720 N

3.Stroke range 25 - 316 mm

4.ACC comes is all-metal design for

   extended lifetime

5.Includes POM bearing cage with

   integrated ACC

6.Suitable for all mounting orientations

7.One set includes 4 precision rails and

  2 roller cages


RSDE cross-roller linear guideway set

Thanks to a deeper ground V-groove as well as the rollers' contact length being longer, the RSDE cross-

roller linear guideways offers higher load ratings and higher stiffness. Envelope dimensions are comparable

to those of the precision linear guide RSD type. RSDE cross-roller precision guides are perfect for

applications requiring high dynamics and high running accuracy.

1.Available in sizes 3, 4, and 6 mm

2.Stroke range 28 - 360 mm

3.Offers increased load capacity and stiffness

4.Suitable for load capacities up to 127080 N

5.Through hardened bearing steel for

   extended lifetime


RNG linear guideway set with anti-cage creep technology

Our cross-roller linear guideway set RNG with anti-cage creep technology (ACC) prevent cage creepingfor

highly dynamic or vertical applications. They offer high load capacity and stiffness in all directions within a

very compact, reduced massdesign. The cage control mechanism is a strong and reliable design

solutioncompact enough to fit within the inside geometry of the cross-roller guide, to avoid cage creep.


1.Anti-cage creep (ACC) technology included

2.Compact size

3.Stroke range 27 - 250 mm

4.Suitable for dynamic load capacities

   up to 70600 N

5.POM roller cage included

6.One set includes 4 precision rails and

   2 roller cages


RNG compact cross-roller linear guideway set

Compact linear guideway set RNG with cross roller cages are ready-to-install linear guides.

They offer high load ratings within a compact envelope. With this frictionless precision linear guide,

it is possible to reduce in size while increasing the load, lifetime or even the output of the machine.

Its dynamic load ratings are 30% higher than those of competing products. This makes compact

RNG the best-performing precision linear guide solution currently on the market.


1.Compact, high load type

2.Stroke range 30- 245 mm

3.Available in sizes 4 and 6 mm

4.POM roller cage with retained rollers

原廠網址: https://www.pm.nl/en/products/linear/linear-guideway-sets


Linear slides 線性滑軌

Lightweight precision slides RTA

The RTA lightweight slide series provide smooth, virtually frictionless linear motion.

They are a perfect choice for high precision applications offering high load capacity and system stiffness.

The ready-to-install slides are factory preloaded and lubricated.


1.Stroke range 10 - 950 mm

2.50% weight reduction compared to steel

3.Suitable for load capacities up to 71550 N

4.Pre-drilled holes offers easy mounting

5.All surfaces are precision ground for improved

   mounting accuracy

6.Through hardened rails ensure extended

   lifetime and high load capacity

7.Unique centre rail provides superior running



Frictionless slides RT

The crossed-roller RT Slides series provide smooth, virtually frictionless linear motion.

They are a perfect choice for high precision applications offering high load capacity and system stiffness.

The linear slides are factory preloaded and lubricated, and therefore ready to install.


1.Steel slide bodies

2.Stroke range 10 - 950 mm

3.Suitable for carry load capacities

   up to 71550 N

4.All surfaces are precision ground for improved

   mounting accuracy

5.Pre-drilled holes offers easy mounting

6.Through hardenend rails ensure extended

    lifetime and high load capacity

7.Unique centre rail for superior running



Dust-protected slides RTNG

Crossed-roller linear slide designed for applications where dirt and dust are present. Thanks to the RTNG

being designed with a tight gap between the table and base, dust particles or chips are prevented from

entering the linear bearing.


1.Suitable for use in environments with dirt

2.Stroke range 10 - 250 mm

3.Suitable for load carry capacities

   up to 35100 N

4.Table parts available in steel or cast iron

   (size 6 and 9 mm)


Miniature slides RTS

RTS frictionless low profile slides are preloaded linear motion components that are ready for mounting. The

through hardened centre rail act as the slide base and features threaded holes for mounting. The RTS offers

an excellent running motion accuracy and is able to carry medium loads and moments in every direction.


1.Low-profile design

2.Stroke range 12 - 130 mm

3.Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting

4.Integrated end stops in the rails to prevent

   cages from running out

5.U-form slide top design retains the

   factory-set preload

6.Centre rail acts as bearing surface

    and slide base


Ball miniature slides PMM

With their reduced size and weight, our trend-setting PMM corrosion resistant miniature ball slides are

leading the field. Thanks to their innovative design and 4-point ball contact, these micro ball slides

combine an extremely low friction resistance with very smooth running quality and long operational lifetime.


1.Stroke range 5-70 mm

2.Low friction coefficient

3.Weight 2 grams - 73 grams

4.Play-free, factory-set preload

5.Bearing and mounting surfaces are finished

   by precision grinding

6.Table bodies and superior quality balls made

   of stainless steel

7.Unique cage centering mechanism offers

   active resetting of the cage, preventing cage

   damage and maintaining precise movement


Miniature slide MSR with anti-cage creep technology

The miniature slide MSR is equipped with cross roller bearings in combination with a robust anti-cage creep

technology (ACCI).This ensures that the maximum stroke lengths can always be achieved, even under the

toughest conditions. The design is 100% stainless steel. The MSR slide is the industry smallest linear slide

with anti-cage creep technology.


1.Integrated anti-cage creep technology

2.Smallest slide available on the market with

   crossed roller bearings

3.Stroke range 5 – 112 mm

4.Repeatable precision, play-free

5.High load carry capacity by smart

   cage design

6.Full stainless steel design

7.Available in 7 sizes


Crossed-roller miniature slides PMMR

Higher speeds, excellent rigidity and durability as well as limited enclosure, these are the challenges of

today's industry. With the crossed-roller miniature slide PMMR superior dynamics and precision in the

smallest possible package can be achieved.


1.Full stainless steel design

2.Stroke range 5 - 70 mm

3.Suitable for load capacities

   up to 1020 N

4.Unique cage centering mechanism

   offers active resetting of the cage,

   preventing cage damage and

   maintaining precise movement

5.Play-free, factory-set preload

原廠網址: https://www.pm.nl/en/products/linear/linear-slides


Rotation 旋轉軸承

Radial bearing set RPM

Play-free positioning on a radius, high running accuracy, high reliability and a light and smooth motion are

the main features of The RPM frictionless radial positioning bearing set. Due to its compact size, low

constructions are possible. This simple but innovative design is based on state-of-the-art manufacturing



1.Available as circle segment or arc segment

2.Stainless steel material

3.Max. OD 500 mm


Custom bearings

In case a standard PM product does not meet your application requirements we can provide our special

rotation bearing manufacturing service. Be it non-standard boundary dimensions, cages, materials or

any other specific requirements,we have the capability the in-house expertise to design and

manufacture a rotation bearing to customer specification. Our production process is designed to handle

high volume production. Contact our engineering department today to discuss yourapplication

(call +31 523 612 258) or contact one of our local sales partners in a location near you.


1.Available in a variety of different materials


3.Hybrid version available

4.Exceptional running accuracy

5.Compact size, high-load design


Table bearing FMB series

The FMB series are a very thin and compact type of precision bearing, often used as a turntable bearing.

They provide high performance circular motion in the smallest possible package. FMB bearings are

currently available in sizes up to 500mm OD. They come in two different accuracy classes and two

different preload classes. The are factory preloaded for easy mounting.


1.Compact, thin design

2.Max. OD 500 mm

3.Factory-drilled fixing holes

4.Rings made of bearing steel 100Cr6,

   though hardenend 58-62 HRC

5.Preload class V0 is standard, V1 is

   available on request

6.N-grade accuracy is standard,

   P-grade is available on request

原廠網址: https://www.pm.nl/en/products/rotating


Examples of engineered-to-spec motion systems

XY2Z-Theta Motion System

This newly developed motion platform benefits from all competencies that are gained over more than 50

years of PM'sexistence. It surely includes extensive knowledge of bearings. In addition, use is made of

all expertise on design, motion control, manufacturing and assembly of high-end positioning systems to

realize this product.

The XY2Z-Theta motion platform is designed for next-generation

wafer inspection and metrology applications. However, its

modularity and scalability allow customization of this stage to suit

other applications.At PM we understand the industry's challenges.

We can either modify our existing motion platforms or design

entirely new ones, depending on your requirements.


Chi-Phi-XYZ System

A great example of a customised positioning system solution with a compact footprint and pioneering

design. This positioning system offers a high travel accuracy in 5 degrees of freedom at low speed.

These products are popular in material research and metrology applications.

This unique designed multi-axis system include PM competencies

for design, manufacturing and assembly. The system offers

different linear bearing technologies, for example, crossed roller

linear bearings RSDE with Anti-Cage Creep technology (ACC) but

also ball recirculating units with circular centre rails are used.

This combination of technologies means that they are perfect

match to the application and meet the demands for precision and

compact design.


Customised 5-Axis Manipulator for cleanroom class 6 operation

Positioning stability, dynamics and precision are crucial in the field of in-line wafer inspection to

maximise throughput. PM was requested to deliver a multi-axis positioning solution for smooth

high-speed scanning and reliable operation.Our system engineers worked closely together with

the customer to understand their project needs and achieve critical project goals.

The application

For next-generation wafer inspection, the customer developed a

non-contact, non-destructive measurement for inline front-end

processes. The benefits range from stand-alone applications to

fully automated inline measurements where every single wafer

can be measured in production.



The first prototype was delivered within the time budget after

     the start of the project. This was a result of the fact that all

     company competences were combined. This allowed for

     great collaboration of the design, manufacturing and

     assembly processes;

The box frame was optimised for stiffness to get a high as

     possible system bandwidth to make sure that settling times

     and accuracies were according to specification;

The modular design allows for various configurations of the

     system. The system can either be equipped with 5 or 7

     motion axis. Also, if desired, a vibration isolation system

     can be integrated.

原廠網址: https://www.pm.nl/en/products/motion-systems